Nighttime Routine

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This is Post #2 Nighttime Routine, part of a series on my usual skincare routine.  See Post #1 Morning Routine here and stay tune for Post #3 on masks, spot treatments, and exfoliators.

Due to the fact of disgusting, oily BB cream swatches on my face and smudged, shiny eyeshadow around my eyes definitely not in its original place, my nighttime routine requires a bit more time and effort than my morning routine.  But I love it, so its ok. xD

Usual Nighttime Skincare Routine:

Step 1 (eye makeup remover):  Missha Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (the blue one) null
Step 2 (face makeup remover):  Purevivi/Alovivi Sensitive Skin Makeup Remover null
Step 3 (cleanse):  Philosophy Purity Facial Wash  null
Step 4 (exfoliator):  chemical exfoliator (occasionally and more on that later)

Spot Treatment
Step 5 (retinoid):  Adapalene .1% gel (Differin generic) (?)
Step 6 (facial mist):  Avene Mineral Water Facial Mist null

Step 7 (first essence):  Missha First Treatment Time Revolution Facial Essence null
Step 6 (moisture):  Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid (green version) null
Step 7 (ampoule/booster): Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule (a very little amount) null
Step 8 (masks): Depends (more on this later)
Step 9 (emulsion/lotion):  Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion null
Step 10 (cream): Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream null
Step 11 (eye cream):  Clinique All About Eyes Rich 

First part is cleansing with the eye makeup remover (if I’m wearing mascara) and face makeup remover, then cleansing, and sometimes exfoliation.  The Missha eye and lip makeup remover works well enough, but honestly I’d like something that REALLY melts off the mascara. Its an oil-water base, so you have to shake it first and then apply it with a cotton pad.  I usually will let it sit on my eyes for a few moments before swiping the mascara off.  I try my best to not pull or tug at my eyes- but it would be easier to not harm my eyes if this remover worked better.  Meh.

The Alovivi/Purevivi makeup remover is great at removing my face makeup and eyeshadow.  At home I’ll use cotton pads to wipe my face, but while traveling I just pour some into my palm and rub my face down (gently, of course).  Sometimes I’ll do it twice just to make sure I’ve really broken down the makeup.  The Alovivi/Purevivi is water based and has no oily feeling or slickness so you can just splash it on.  Sometimes when I’m traveling I forget what bottle its in because the consistency is exactly like water.  There are a lot of good ingredients in this and its cheap and huge, so this is definitely my favorite remover.  But it does not work on waterproof makeup.

I then hop in the shower (I usually shower at night because Taipei is pretty disgusting) and use my Philosophy Purity face wash.  If I feel like it or my skin needs it, I’ll use my Philosophy Microdermabrasion kit in the shower.  Its a two-step process of Vitamin C crystals and then BHA/AHA acids over that.

Once I get out of the shower, if I didn’t choose to use the Philosophy Microdermabrasion kit and my skin needs the exfoliation, I’ll use one of the Japanese chemical peeling gels.

Then onto the retinoid step of applying my generic Differin of Adapalene 0.1%.  I use a few small drops to lightly cover my chin area, cheeks, nose, and forehead.
I must stress- do not use more than the bare minimum or you will have problems.

I then spray the Avene facial mist to remoist my face and as a sort of block between the retinoid process and the moisturizing process.  I wait a few minutes for it to absorb/evaporate by patting or fanning my face and then before its totally dry, I proceed with the rest of my routine which you can read about here in the Usual Morning Routine post.

The process is basically the same as my morning routine except that I will use masks, apply more of the Missha ampoule, and use the heavier Clinique All About Eyes Rich which I apply very liberally.

It usually takes me about 20 minutes altogether, so though it looks like a lot- really its quite manageable.  Also, while some people are super heroes who can wait til kingdom come for their skin’s pH to balance out- I take a different approach and rarely wait.  My idea is that the last step (the cream/moisturizer to lock it all in) is the most important of all and if I wait, the moisture from the other products will evaporate off my face before the moisturizer can stop them.  I like to continue patting, massaging, and whatever until the product absorbs and then proceed with the next item right away.  Picture like a factory production line or train.
I don’t know if this is the correct or most effective method (probably not), but as I learn more, I’ll adjust accordingly.

There are a few things that still need updating.  I’m waiting on my W2 and WISHTREND packages to come in- specifically a Vitamin C serum, essence, and a heavier night cream.  They are all new products, but for now, this is my Holy Grail routine that probably won’t change for sometime.  But when those new products do come in, I’ll update with my impressions xD

What are your routines like?  Any overlap?  I’m interested in whether you think waiting between steps is important or if you just try to get through everything as fast as possible.




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