Its post-CNY and after an inexcusably long “hiatus”, I want to start blogging again :)

Because yesterday I stopped by the derma and he said I have rosacea (which I had always kind of suspected).  He prescribed me metronidazole and when I told him I am currently using adapalene and salicylic acid (to his dismay for some reason), he told me to switch the adapalene and metro every other night.

The derm is of course Taiwanese and because my Chinese is considerably lacking in the matters of the dermis and his English was unclear, I didn’t quite understand what he was saying.  I looked up the different types of rosacea after a recommendation on the AB forum of reddit, and have found that I am most likely a combination of mild- slightly moderate subtypes 1 and 2, meaning I experience chronic redness, flushing, and papules.

I also took a few moments to research metronidazole and found that there shouldnt be any significant reactions outside of skin irritation that goes hand-in-hand with most all prescription topicals of this type.  Because my AB routine is pretty solid and comprehensive, I am not so worried about the effects of irritation or dryness- my current skincare products should be more than able to counter it all.  I applied the metro last night and work up with a clear face, no significant sensitive reactions or anything- though I did notice my lips were considerably tight and dry.  I am still uncertain if the metro will have reactions with any other actives in my routine.  Time will tell?

In other news, I’ve adjusted my routine significantly since my last (very long ago) post, and have also managed to try a bunch of new products, and add to my list of HGs.  Reviews and impressions should be coming soon, promise!

Shortly after going totally AWOL, I spent a week in Kyoto and Koyasan Japan to see the autumn leaves.  My boyfriend and I have been learning about plants and growing small batches of crops, and have been playing around with bonsais 🙂  Super fun.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures of our pots and things of what I’ve learned so far.  I was in Shanghai with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and we’re planning a trip to the Philipines next month for scuba diving (hes not so excited, I’m super excited.  I love scuba diving) and overall lazy days fishing on the beach.  I’ll be bringing shit tons of spf with me, obviously.

Talk soon!


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